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20.05.2014 6pm

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05 21 2014 — 06 01 2014

Bernadette Moser

Umbra and Penumbra

From 2014, varying trends in contemporary art of extended Styrian provenance will be shown anew in the Raum D exhibition format in the gallery of the same name in the basement of the Künstlerhaus KM–. Bernadette Moser continues the “Starting from Hystyria” series, which is always concerned with the production of a fanzine.

In her exhibition "Umbra and Penumbra", Bernadette Moser (born 1974 in Graz) continues a series of experiments already initiated in the late 1990s, immersing objects in an artistic interplay of light and shadow. The exhibition title describes, for one, the darkest part of the shadow (“umbra”) where all vestiges of light are subject to a shadow-producing object, while also referencing “penumbra” (from the Latin word paene, meaning “nearly, almost”, and then also umbra for “shadow”), the place where only part of the light source is covered.

Bernadette Moser directs attention to precisely that place at which perception is divided, where an image is engendered between object and its representation. By revealing and demonstrating flickering contours and schematic nuances of shadowing, the artist alludes to the ever deceptive complicity of that which is being viewed on the wall and that which is taking form in the retina, to the fundamental illusory structure of perception itself.

Exhibitions (selection)
Kunstfestival Steirischer Altweibersommer, Neue Ehrlichkeit - Das Ende der Ironie, Schaumbad, Freies Atelierhaus Graz (2012)
April-Festival, Die Praxis der Zuversicht, Kunst Ost, Bad Gleichenberg (2012)
I am a Movie, Medienkunstlabor, Graz (2010)
DW 2, Videoinstallation für „Differenz/Wiederholung“ 2 von Bernhard Lang (1999-2011)

Halle für Kunst & Medien

Burgring 2
8010 Graz, Austria