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04 28 2016  6 p.m.

Poet Painters Anti-Heroes

Max Henry, Nana Mandl, Lecture / Artist talk
Steven Shearer: Poem for Athens, 2009
Until the end of the world, AMP, curated by Max Henry, Athens, photo: Max Henry

On this evening the curator and critic Max Henry will provide some insight into his own poetic practice in the past and its lasting influence on his curatorial work today in a lecture that is part of a series of events accompanying the exhibition Sighs Trapped by Liars – Sprache in der Kunst. After the lecture, exhibition curator Christian Egger and artist Nana Mandl will lead a conversational tour through Mandl’s show, shuffle repeat, in Raum B, and also present the fanzine accompanying the show.

The symbiotic relationship between poets and painters goes back a long way.
Aretino & Titian, Baudelaire & Manet, Apollinaire & Picasso et al.
In the beginning was the word; Logos articulated the language of intangibles;
Text is concretized through typeface, form, and content. Its argot is mastermind.
For Poets, Painter & Antiheroes the tradition of poet critic illuminates a life lived pursuing art.
In order to find ones way a search for veracity is fraught with trials and tribulations.
Words, music, and pictures are the symbols born from the gauntlet of such dark spaces.
Let there be light.

The lecture will be in English. Max Henry is a freelance curator and art critic.

Afterward, in Raum B, where her exhibition "shuffle repeat" is on display, the artist Nana Mandl will address curator Christian Egger’s questions about her choice of motifs and the accompanying search for suitable media bases for her fixations. To what extent do pictures today prove to be infinitely available and interchangeable? What kind of artistic approach does this phenomenon require? What sort of dilemmas arise out of this and are linked to the creative self? These questions serve as the starting point for this conversation, part of the educational series "An Art Day's Night."

Nana Mandl was born in 1991 in Graz; today she both lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.

Nana Mandl, random spirit, 2015/2016
mixed media collage on digital print on canvas, 40 × 30 cm, courtesy the artist
Halle für Kunst & Medien

Burgring 2
8010 Graz, Austria