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15 03 2018  18:00

EVERYTHING SPEAKS TWICE: On Rehearsals, Subroutines, Love Scenes, Burial Plots and Undead Connections

by Constanze Ruhm

Constanze Ruhm
Courtesy the artist

In her lecture, artist, filmmaker, and professor Constanze Ruhm will discuss her long term project series X CHARACTERS (2001 - 2013) with a focus on the notion of rehearsal in relation to her productions, as well as on concepts of referentiality and appropriation as a strategy of a critical, feminist (time-based) art practice.

Constanze Ruhm is an artist, filmmaker and author living between Vienna, Berlin and Paris. Since 2006 she is Professor for Art and Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Austria). Her artistic practice focuses on the relation of cinema, new media and performative forms, and investigates issues of female identity and representation under a feminist perspective. Her productions emerge at the intersection of time- and archive-based installation works, film/video, web-based projects and publications. Since 2013 she also collaborates with French filmmaker Emilien Awada (Panoramis Paramount Paranormal, 2014-2015; AN(NA)/GRAM, (ongoing). International exhibitions, film festivals, projects in public spaces, symposia and publications (Utopia of Sound, with Diedrich Diederichsen, Schleebrügge Editor Vienna 2008; Putting Rehearsals to the Test: Practices of Rehearsal in Fine Arts, Film,T heater, Theory and Politics, with Sabeth Buchmann and Ilse Lafer, Sternberg Press 2016).

AN(N)A/GRAM (ongoing), with Emilien Awada
Panoramis Paramount Paranormal (2014-15) with Emilien Awada
Kalte Probe (Cold Rehearsal) (2011/12, 90 min., color, sound) with Christine Lang
Crash Site / My_Never_Ending_Burial_Plot (2010, 69 min., color, sound)
X Love Scenes / Pearls without a String (2007, 58 min., color, sound)
X NaNa / Subroutine (2004, 30 min., color, sound)
X Characters / RE(hers)AL (2003/4, 62 min., color, sound)
A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight (2001, 26 min., color, sound)
Travelling / Plan 234 / Extérieur Nuit (1999/2005, 2:40 min., b/w, silent)
Evidence (1999, 5:30 min., color, silent)
Apartment (1999, 18 min., b/w, silent)

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