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08 24 2019  3 p.m.

Spatial Exercises

Convo Club #6 Maria Schneider, Nora Köhler
Maria Schneider, Verschachtelt, 2018

Last year, the artist Maria Schneider created the spatial installation “Verschachtelt” (Convoluted) from cardboard in the Atelier im Schwimmbad, a studio in the town of Wies, during an artist residency. This quotidian material gave rise to a surreal space that could be entered and experienced by visitors. The band Bird of the Year used the spatial installation to film a music video for their song “Elevator.” Maria Schneider and Nora Köhler from Bird of the Year will now be visiting us for the sixth rendition of the “Convo Club” to talk about spatial perception and the visualization of music.
With the new summer exhibitions “The Sky Opens Twice” by Peles Empire and “Ábstract Hungary” by Ákos Ezer, our relatively new talk series Convo Club is embarking on a fresh round: this time, the curatorial assistant at the Künstlerhaus, Verena Borecký, is inviting interested guests from the areas of art, music, and theater to attend a talk in a cozy setting. With sparkling cold beverages for all, Maria Schneider and Nora Köhler will be there to respond to questions by the moderator and the audience.

Maria Schneider (*1992 Graz, lives in Graz) graduated in 2011 from the photography and multimedia branch of the Ortweinschule in Graz. From 2015 to 2017 she attended the master class for sculpture there. For her final project, she received a scholarship from the cultural initiative Kürbis Wies in the form of a six-week artist residency. Schneider is a member of the art association Roter Keil. Most of her artwork is created in the areas of sculpture, installation, photography, and graphic design.

Nora Köhler MA (*1991 Graz, lives in Graz) has been active as a theater-maker, performance artist, and musician since 2006. She studied linguistics at the University of Graz with a focus on sociolinguistics. Following training in the dramatic arts at the Theaterfabrik Weiz under Barbara Carli and Gudrun Meier (Die Rabtaldirndln) and at the Theater am Ortweinplatz under Simon Windisch, Köhler co-founded the theater and performance collective Das Planetenparty Prinzip in 2015 together with eight fellow artists. She works as a performer and director for various productions, an actress in films and videos, and a moderator. Since 2015 she has also been a theater educator at the Theaterfabrik Weiz and regularly produces pieces with young individuals. As a musician, she participates in various music groups as a drummer and singer. With these groups, she has played many concerts both in Austria and abroad and produced several albums.

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