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02 22 2020  6 p.m.

Goth and Lovers

Convo Club #9 Tina Bauer, Lina Gärtner
Tina Bauer, photo: private; Lina Gärtner, photo: Christian Sundl

The multifaceted musicians Tina Bauer and Lina Gärtner are the guests of the 9th edition of Convo Club. Both have years of experience in different band and solo projects. Tina Bauer released a split-tape with her doom wave/noise goth-project Terz Nervosa, together with The Damski, last autumn. With her garage indie band Just Friends and Lovers, Lina Gärtner released the album “Her Most Criminal Crimes” in the summer of 2019.
Next to their feminist activities, both musicians share a certain referencing of the past in their practice: with Bauer it can be localized at her loans from Goth, and with Gärtner at her references to the riot-grrl movement. This connection to the past and the accompanying actualization in the present can also be detected with both artists who are currently on display at the Künstlerhaus: Sonja Gangl and Meta Meta Grgurevič, and can be seen as a bridging between all four artists. Tina Bauer and Lina Gärtner will talk about genre, collaboration and composition. By reference to selected musical examples, they will guide the audience through their songwriting processes and offer insights into their music production.

Tina Bauer (*1993 Lower Austria, lives in Vienna) studied media design in Graz and Potsdam and artistic photography in Vienna. Since then she is mostly working in the audio-visual field. She works with (analogue) photography, moving image, graphic design, sound and performance. Next to her professional activities at different film and music festivals, she is affiliated with the queer-feminist underground of Vienna.

Lina Gärtner (*1985 Salzburg, lives in Vienna) studied Slavic studies in Graz, Odessa and Moscow and has worked in different positions in the cultural sector. At the moment, she is part of the organizational team of the pink noise Girls Rock Camp and makes music in the formations Just Friends and Lovers, Lonesome Hot Dudes, Lady Lynch and Gran Bankrott, as well as other queer-feminist contexts.

Convo Club is the young conversation format at the Künstlerhaus: discussions on current topics are being held with interesting guests from art and literature, while enjoying a cold drink.

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