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12 10 2017  18:00

with Heidulf Gerngross, Eilfried Huth, Peter Noever, and Heidrun Primas

Günther Domenig / Eilfried Huth, Ausstellungstransformator, 1967
transparent temporary architecture, trigon 67, Künstlerhaus, Graz, photo: Eilfried Huth

For more then six weeks in 1967, Graz’s Kleine Zeitung received raging letters to the editor, concerning the the tri-nation biennale, "trigon 67." In the September 16th edition of Kleine Zeitung, Graz’s vice mayor, Dipl.-Ing. DDr. Alexander Götz, published a letter in which he called "trigon 67" „a one-off provocation,” and proceeded to personally attack participating artists and their works. Based on these letters, our trigon-Talk will bring together architect Eilfried Huth (responsible for the entry situation in 1967 and 2017), as well as architect and artist Heidulf Gerngross, curator-at-large Peter Noever, and the director of Forum Stadtpark Heidrun Primas. Taking both iterations of the biennale into consideration, they will discuss the relationship between art and the public sphere.

Heidulf Gerngross (1939 Kötschach, AT – Wien, AT) studied architecture in Vienna and Graz, as well as painting in Tokyo. In 1976, Gerngross received a post-graduate degree in Urban Land Economics in Los Angeles. In the same year, he and Helmut Richter founded the architecture firm Gerngross-Richter. Gerngross is also the publisher of the print quaterly ST/A/R. In 2008 he was awarded the City of Vienna prize.

Eilfried Huth (1930 Pangalengan, ID – Graz, AT) studied architecture at TU Graz from 1950 to 1956. In 1963, Huth, the lawyer Erich Kleinschuster, and the architect Günther Domenig founded an architecture firm, subsequently winning the commission for the new building of Pädagogische Akademie of the Diözese Graz- Seckau in 1964. In 1967, Huth was part of the infamous exhibition trigon 67. Between 1985 and 2002, he was a professor at the Academy of Art in Berlin.

Peter Noever (1941 Innsbruck, AT – Wien, AT) was the director of the Austrian Museum of Applied Art (MAK Vienna) from 1985 to 2011. Throughout his career as a designer and curator, he continually played a leading role in the Austrian art scene. In 1997, Noever received the order of merit for services rendered the Republic of Austria in Art and Science, and in 2010 the golden order of merit by the City of Vienna. Under his management, MAK Vienna was named „Museum of the Year.“

Heidrun Primas (1968 in Graz) is the director of Forum Stadtpark in Graz (2011- present). She has a degree in architecture from TU Graz, where she taught for many years. Primas is the founder of multiple initiatives, i.e. Offener Betrieb Graz (Open Modes, 2013) and Reiningherz Initiative in 2014.

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